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When I started working as a freelance stage manager, I knew I needed a place where people could see samples of my work. It took me a few weeks to build my website that first summer, but through the process I discovered that a website can be more than just a personal advertisement. 

It can be a tool for reflecting on your artistic process. It can be a digital portfolio to show a prospective employer. It can be a place to store memories that you laugh over years later. If done well, it can be all of these things and more – all while being a tool to help you find and get the work you want.

I understand that creative professionals have different needs and believe their websites should reflect that. A musician might need her latest album highlighted, while a lighting designer wants their production photos front and center. A stage manager could highlight their paperwork, while a playwright may want to showcase script samples. 

At ArtifX Design, I will work with you to ensure that your website perfectly matches your needs. I have experience building sites for directors, actors, writers, stage managers, public speakers, and everything in between. In addition, each site comes with responsive support and the option for customized tutorials so that you can learn how to update the site yourself. 

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Michael Donnay
Stage Manager & Designer

I work as a stage manager and a designer, so I needed a website that could serve as a portfolio for both. For stage management specifically, it allows me to present paperwork samples alongside production photos.


  • About - Bio, headshot, and contact information

  • Resume - Viewable online and links to download

  • Portfolio - Divided into Stage Management & Design; highlights specific productions and paperwork samples

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Caleb Lewis
Actor & Writer

Caleb's practice includes working as an actor and writer. He needed a website that would serve as an online destination for casting directors, while also showcasing his personal work. 


  • About - Bio, headshot, and contact information

  • Resume - Viewable online and links to download

  • Portfolio - Highlights specific productions

  • Writing - Showcases writing samples

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Michelle Francl
Writer & Public Speaker

In addition to being a college professor, Michelle works as a freelance writer and public speaker on topics ranging from computational chemistry to Catholic spirituality. Her website functions both as a portfolio and as nexus for her various online presences. 


  • Writing - Portfolio and links to writing samples

  • Talks, Retreats & Workshops - Listings of recent public events and links footage

  • Dispatches - Selected blog posts about working at the Vatican Observatory

  • About - Contact information and two bios (one for science and one for religion writing)

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